A moment needed..

I need advice!!🥶


6 thoughts on “A moment needed..

  1. Stop looking for it, stop forcing it and stop comparing it to what has happened before. Love will find you when it’s time. Trust God’s timing. However, the only way you’ll recognize the love that’s for you, you have to be open to it. That means you cannot close yourself off to love.

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    1. I feel like you should pray to God about this coldness in your heart! I feel EXACTLY LIKE THIS 😩…. & it’s a bad thing . I know it is but it’s something I can’t help on my own. I need help to overcome it! I pray so much about it and try so much to be positive and let things go! It’s crazy because our hearts turned numb at a very young age! We just gotta ask God to find peace within this situation .

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      1. the crazy thing is i pray about everything and now realizing i don’t think i ever prayed for my heart to get lighter, maybe because I’m afraid to😖i hate itttt, & right especially so young.. it’ll make us miss so much😩we gotta help each


      2. You definitely have to pray but you also have to forget and remember different. Meaning, stop remembering it as someone who has hurt you rather somebody who showed you want you didn’t want. Many times you become numb and hurt, closed off to love after because the pain of what has is keeping you stagnant instead of being to see what is. You can survive this but you’ve to come out. It’s like, keeping clothes that are too little. Throw that ish out to make room for something new.

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